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Statement Against Violence Toward Asian American/Pacific Islanders

On May 18, 2021, the Vision and Governance Board approved the following Statement Against Violence Toward Asian American/Pacific Islanders. The statement will also be sent to the ELCA Minneapolis Area Synod:

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic more than one year ago, acts of vandalism, harassment, shunning, refusal of service, verbal abuse and physical attack against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in our state and country have increased substantially. This collective trauma erodes Asian American and Pacific Islanders’ rightful sense of belonging in the U.S.      

People of Asian and Pacific Island descent are our family members, congregation members, neighbors, and co-workers – who like every ethnic and cultural group in our country, contribute greatly to our common welfare. We recognize, celebrate and honor Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, their cultures, and their many contributions to our world.

The Racial Equity Statement adopted by our Congregation begins: “As people of faith, we acknowledge that ALL people are beloved of God. . . .” In our baptism we are called to work towards a world that reflects God’s love and justice. Our faith in a God of love calls us to unequivocally condemn hate and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with and express our unwavering commitment to combat this hate and violence and to support our Asian American and Pacific Island family members, neighbors, co-workers and congregation members.