Sunday worship 10am – Zoom/YouTube/Outdoors
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Worship Services – Summer 2021

Our worship this summer is hybrid. Sundays include weeks that are solely Zoom/YouTube, and many others that are Outside/Zoom/YouTube. We’ll keep the website updated.

Some Wednesday evenings we’ll share Evening Vespers at 7pm. Sign up in advance to join in-person in the Sanctuary; there are also Zoom/YouTube options.

For all in-person services wear masks, keep distance, wash hands often, and take care.

Sunday August 1st we will have worship Outdoors in the west parking lot at 10:00 am and also on Zoom/YouTube. Click HERE for the Bulletin.

Here are three ways to participate:

Option 1 – Join us outdoors on the west side of the building at 10:00am.
For worship, please bring:

  • Lawn chairs (we’ll have a few chairs available) 
  • Supplies for Holy Communion
  • Bring your mask! When outdoors and able to keep distance, masks are optional.
  • Bring a water bottle, sun screen, etc.
  • We will send an email on Sunday morning by 8am. The email will confirm our Sunday plans, including, if it’s rainy, shifting to Zoom/YouTube only.

Option 2 – Join us on Zoom at 10:00am and have the ability to interact with one another. We share Holy Communion during worship. Have bread and wine available. Contact the church office to learn more about participating on Zoom.

Option 3 – Join us on the live stream (or recorded for later) on YouTube. We share Holy Communion during worship. Have bread and wine available.