Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m.
Complex world. Thoughtful church.

Children and Families

Discover God alive and active in our lives as we listen, learn and explore together! Faith Formation registration for children ages 3 through grade six is now open. You can obtain registration forms in the church office or by emailing Nick Tangen at

Godly Play (ages 3-6) This curriculum teaches a core group of Bible stories in an atmosphere of wonder and worship. Hands-on lessons encourage children to hear stories of God working in the world and relate them to their own lives through reflective play and artistic expression. Godly Play seeks to build a bridge between Sunday School and worship. Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:15 – 10:20 am.

Faith Formation (grades 1-6) The programming that happens for grades 1-6 is a combination of supplementary material from Spark House, individual interests of the classes, and Faith5.  Spark provides our children with hands on, interactive models for learning the stories in the Bible, and coming to understand their relationship with God.  They provide our children with great story and study Bibles for the different phases they enter in their lives.  Our teachers and volunteers do a great job at listening to the passions and questions of their group, and catering their lessons around that.  Below, you can learn what Faith5 is, and how it is integrated into Faith Formation programs, and the home.

Like Godly Play, our students in this age category get the chance to grow through music as well.  Once a month, the students begin their programming hour with music, getting the chance to play instruments, learn songs, and share with one another in their faith.  This is led by Rosalie Eldevik and other volunteers.

Faith5 is a way of taking what happens in the church on Sunday mornings into our homes and everyday life.  FAITH is an acronym for Faith Acts In The Home.  The five components of this are Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless; these are simple steps of easing into that conversation concerning faith, and making it applicable to families and other members of the congregation.

Ministry for families with children ages birth to three
Nursery: The nursery is a safe, caring place for children. A paid attendant supervises the children during the 10 am worship service in the summer and from 8:30—11:30 a.m. each Sunday from September – May.

Baptism classes are held for parents of children who are to be baptized. To arrange for a baptism please contact the church office at 612-331-5988. Baptisms are conducted during worship on Sunday mornings.

Values of the faith formation program at University Lutheran Church of Hope.
We are thoughtful believers dedicated to faith formation and mindful inquiry, expanding our understanding of how God is at work in our lives. Come and explore your questions in a caring community.

Where there is hope, there is life.
Our Goal: That our Christian community will nurture faith by

  • Building caring relationships
  • Focusing on interests, not ages
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Welcoming children in worship
  • Emphasizing service and social justice
  • Promoting a sense of wonder and love for the God we worship

Our theology of faith formation for all ages
We believe that all ages need a faith community which

  • affirms promises made in baptism
  • sparks a desire to learn about God’s Word
  • inspires a thankful heart
  • energizes us to serve
  • develops positive, trusting relationships with God and each other
  • encourages questions