Sunday worship at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Complex world. Thoughtful church.

Sunday Forum

Sunday Forums are an education and faith formation opportunity on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:20am in Heritage Hall, which is in the lower lever under the worship space.

We at University Lutheran Church of Hope are thoughtful believers dedicated to faith formation and mindful inquiry, expanding our understanding of how God is at work in our lives. Come and explore your questions in a caring community.

Sunday Forum schedule for January 2019

January 6: Welcome the Refugees. Margaret Yapp from the Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota Refugee Resettlement program will provide a program on the basics of resettlement, current challenges and changes in the US resettlement program. She will explain what services families receive once here and how folks can get involved. On this Epiphany Sunday we will consider tangible ways to bring light to the nations in our world today.

January 13: Hospitality in a Changing Neighborhood. Join Pastor Jen and Minister of Faith in Community Nick Tangen for a discussion about our neighborhood, the shifting dynamics and demographics, and our call as a community of faith to offer hospitality. Who is our neighbor? What does the future of our neighborhood look like? What are the implicit and explicit expectations we have as a community for encountering the neighbor? We’ll discuss these and other topics relevant to our vibrant and innovative neighborhood and our role in it as people of faith.

January 20: Building Power through One to Ones. One to ones are the building blocks of healthy and powerful organizations and are an engaging way to build community in congregations. Throughout the last year, many of you have been meeting with congregants and community members for intentional one to ones to learn about one another, discover each other’s self-interest, and build community. Join with Nick Tangen and others to learn more about this powerful practice and the steps that follow when action is needed community wide.

January 27: Befriending the Muslim Neighbors. Trinity Lutheran Congregation has become a place of welcome to many of the new Somali immigrants in the Riverside community in Minneapolis. Pr. Jane Buckley-Farlee will join us to discuss the ways this congregation is engaging the needs of the people there. What can we learn for our own community engagement?