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Solar Construction Project 2021

It is arriving!  On Monday, October 25, heavy girders for the solar canopy were delivered from Calgary, Canada, to the north parking lot and deposited near the north entry. 

What is next?  Very soon we hope to be:

  1. Drilling four supporting posts 25 feet into the ground.
  2. Bolting on the I-columns that will raise the canopy more than 15 feet into the air.
  3. Horizontal drilling (‘boring’) the underground conduit for the electrical cables that run to the church’s west entry doors. There meter boxes will be installed to connect with the rooftop collectors.
  4. Connecting the system. All the rooftop solar panels—here you can see them basking under the golden leaves of our courtyard trees—will be connected together and to the church’s electrical supply. 

We are hoping the whole system will be complete by Thanksgiving and operating by Christmas (after it is reviewed by Xcel).  However, achieving these goals is a challenge, given kinks in the supply chain for securing electrical equipment and other delays.