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ULCH Response to COVID-19

An Overview of our Health and Safety Policy with COVID-19 Procedures (June 30, 2020 version):

In late May, ULCH created a health and safety policy with a focus on COVID-19 procedures. We wanted to offer guidance about how our congregation is responding to the pandemic. In late June we reviewed this policy and made some minimal revisions. Link HERE for the updated policy.

Here are the highlights:

  • Our changes are minimal. We still strongly encourage meeting online.
  • Worship will be online for the coming months.
  • COVID-19 affects some communities (communities of color) and some demographics (for instance, our eldest, those with some underlying health issues) disproportionately. Our slower and careful approach honors these experiences as real and seeks to avoid pushing people into potentially unhealthy spaces.
  • If there is a compelling reason to meet at church, opt for outdoors whenever possible.
  • Wear masks always in indoor public spaces. Wear masks usually in outdoor spaces (unless gardening alone).
  • Honor the 6 foot social distancing guidelines and wash hands regularly.
  • Always sign in so if contact tracing becomes necessary we have a record.
  • Schedule meetings and groups ahead so we can be stewards of the space, clean thoroughly, and be hospitable.
  • Clarifications were made to the section about renters and other groups who use our space.

Read the full Policy statement here.


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