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ULCH Response to COVID-19

With the ending of the COVID Public Health Emergency in May 2023, the ULCH COVID 19 Procedures has also been retired. Yet, in keeping with good health and wellness practices for the community the following statement guides how we approach being in community. 

 To support the health and wellness of all those among us, please feel welcome to use masks and hand sanitizers, please stay current with your vaccinations as recommended by your health provider, and stay home as needed until you are well. These are all strategies to mitigate infectious illness and support your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Please reach out to staff or church leadership so that we may connect with you if you are ill or in need of support.  

 Health and wellness includes our whole selves –  mind, body, and spirit. This community strives to create an environment for you to thrive in relationship with God and with one another. 

The last 3 years the Covid-19 policy has been updated many times based on changing information and statistics.  Click on the links below to review the guidelines that were followed throughout the pandemic.

March 11, 2020          Initial Communication on COVID-19
March 13, 2020          ULCH Response to COVID-19
May 26, 2020              COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy
June 30, 2020             COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy
August 25, 2020         COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
April 29, 2021              COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
June 17, 2021             COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
September 1, 2021     COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
March 17, 2022           COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
September 6, 2022     COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
March 16, 2023           COVID-19 Preparedness Plan