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ULCH Response to COVID-19

An Overview of our Health and Safety Policy with COVID-19 Procedures (May 26, 2020 version):

Though there is a push to “re-open” our state, we know that the peak is yet to come. Much caution is vital for the health and well-being of the whole. This policy offers guidance into “how” we can meet in-person. It offers some of the questions and concerns that should be addressed. 

  • BUT, in the spirit of keeping one another and our communities safe and healthy, we strongly encourage meeting online. 
  • Our worship life will continue to be online for the foreseeable future. 
  • The staff and leaders are ready to support you with creative tools to assist. 
  • If there is a compelling reason to meet at church, opt for outdoors whenever possible. 
  • Wear masks always in indoor public spaces. Wear masks usually in outdoor spaces (unless gardening alone). 
  • Honor the 6 foot social distancing guidelines. 
  • Always sign in so if contact tracing becomes necessary it can be done. 
  • Wash hands regularly. 
  • Always schedule so we can be stewards of the space, clean thoroughly, and be hospitable. 

Read the full Policy statement here.


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