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Creation Care Initiative

Now that our church buildings is 99.9% LED—which promises to lower our electricity bill significantly—how about your home? Would you like LEDs as well LEDs (light-emitting diodes) look just like regular light bulbs but use only a small fraction of the electricity. And they don’t get hot. And they have a pleasant quality of light. And they last for years and years. And they help save the planet from climate change.

The ULCH clean energy team is starting a program to provide LEDs to all our members and friends who don’t already have them. If you haven’t made the switch, you probably have either the old-style incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs. 
How will the program work? You can bring in your old bulbs and simply trade them for LEDs, take them home and plug them in. Or we will help you as needed to install them. How much will this cost you? Zero for replacing the ordinary style of bulbs, and half-price for more exotic or unusual bulbs.   
So, ready to experiment? If you are unfamiliar with LEDs, bring ONE of your bulbs (the kind that screws into a socket) in on Sunday morning and take one home from the energy table at the Visitor Center. Try it out and see whether you like it.
Watch for updates as the program develops. For more information, please email the church office at and either Stewart or Tim will respond.