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Construction has begun on ULCH’s Community Bread Oven! Here is a note about the oven from John Bablitch, Community Oven Feasibility Study Member:

In just a couple of months, the Community Oven Feasibility Study project team has discovered that there is a groundswell of support for a potential wood-fired, masonry oven (also referred to as a Community Oven) at ULCH. As a result, our project team has been active, reaching out to bread ministry resources, and creating events to help ULCH members get engaged in a potential bread (and pizza!) ministry at ULCH. We are getting educated, as well, thanks to the guidance/membership of Mike Faust and other members of White Bear Lake United Methodist Church (WBL UMC). They have taken us under their wings, and shared with us a wealth of inside information they have gleaned from doing a Community Oven bread ministry since 2010. The lessons learned that they have shared are invaluable. They are encouraging of our efforts and want us to succeed at building our own Community Oven. To date, they have helped about 10 churches/organizations build a Community Oven, and would like to see ULCH become part of this growing movement in the Twin Cities.     


Projected timeline:
July-August, 2016: Present feasibility study to Facilities Commission and Hope Board.
September, 2017-April 2018: Build support among members, begin signing up volunteers to be part of the Bread Ministry team.
May-June, 2018 – Build the oven
July, 2018: Celebrate our new oven with a summer pizza party!
September 2, 2018: Fire up our new community oven for the 6th annual Welcome Back University Students celebration!
October, 2018 and beyond: Schedule monthly bread-bake or other events.