Sunday worship 10:00am – In Person/Zoom/YouTube
Complex world. Thoughtful church.

Affirmation of Welcome (1990’s, adapted in 2015-16)

University Lutheran Church of Hope, believing that the gospel is God’s gift to all people, seeks to continue to be a welcoming community.
As a community of faith, we know that the world is often an unloving place and that the experience of alienation is all too common.
We rejoice in the manner in which diversity has enriched, nurtured and challenged the life and ministry we share in Christ and regret actions and attitudes which may have inhibited or prevented access to Word and Sacrament because of age, race, socioeconomic or marital status, physical or mental capabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
To those who have felt excluded, we extend a particular invitation to share in God’s reconciling activity among us.
To the stranger we offer hospitality.
To all, we extend a most heartfelt welcome and wish them continued joy and peace in the Lord.