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Complex world. Thoughtful church.

Abiding in Love

What seems to have happened to societies across the world is a polarization; the idea that my way of thinking is the only way and anything that is contrary to my way of thinking is WRONG. It happens in politics, in religion, even in personal relationships between friends and family members. Everything in life becomes law, and every person then demands that every other person live under that law.

Missional Church

There has always been and will probably always be this debate between those who consider mission to be evangelization that increases the church – numbers of members and giving and statistics – verses those who consider the mission of the church to be renewal of the world.

Solid With God

As Buber was stroking the horse’s neck, a strange feeling came over him. He felt that he could not only understand what it felt like to be an 11-year-old boy patting a horse, but because he loved the horse, he could understand what it felt like to be a horse being patted by a boy.