Sunday worship 10:00am – In Person/Zoom/YouTube
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Worship Leaders

Nearly 150 members of Hope volunteer to help lead worship in some way. Some prepare the altar for worship; some read lessons; others help with clean-up after worship. Clicking the link below will take you to our online scheduling program where you can see your schedule, see the roster of everyone involved in these ministries, and update your profile with “Can’t serve” dates and service preferences. The following ministries are scheduled using the online scheduler: acolyte, assisting minister, communion clean-up, communion server, greeter, lector, offering counter, and usher.

Ministry Scheduler Pro - Click to access your schedule online

Worship assistant documents
Acolyte – handbookglossary of terms
Altar Guild
Assisting Minister
Communion service and cleanup
Lector **
Greeters and Ushers

**For Lectors**

Find any week’s readings on Working Preacher (link above), making sure “Revised Common Lectionary” is highlighted. On a desktop computer, click on “Bible Text” underneath each reading to see the text. On a mobile device, click on the small book icon to see the text. 
To practice using printed copies, either use your NRSV Bible, or look up the texts on, making sure to use New Revised Standard Version, and print from your brower. Lectors will be sent a PDF copy via e-mail of the bulletin late in the week they are assigned. Take special care to go over the readings as they appear in the bulletin, as they may be adapted. The lector may sometimes lead the psalm if it is spoken. Check the bulletin for this as well.

Coffee Service
A coffee area is operated by volunteers every Sunday morning. Instructions for how to make coffee are here.  To sign up as a volunteer for a specific Sunday, please contact Nathan in the church office